Mobile app development on Ruby on Rails

The Ruby on Rails framework is the key to effective online presence, and we are ready to provide your web project with innovative software that not only attracts attention but also ensures reliable and flexible functionality.

Website development on Ruby on Rails

Be1st web developers, specializing in Ruby on Rails, will consult with you to fully understand the needs and goals of your site, defining its functional requirements and features. After creating your site on Ruby on Rails, we will implement security measures to protect against threats such as CSRF attacks, SQL injections, and others.

Software development (SaaS)

Be1st software developers will:

- Design and develop additional software functionality required to meet unique customer requirements.
- Integrate additional modules and components to extend the functionality of web applications or sites.
- Create custom solutions, such as integration with external services, APIs, or the development of additional tools for data management.

Why choose our Ruby on Rails development?

Expertise and quality
Our programmers are professionals in creating web applications on Ruby on Rails. We keep up with the latest technological trends, ensuring the highest development standards.

Individual approach
We uniquely approach each project, understanding your business goals, audience specifics, and the characteristics of your operations to create software that meets your specific requirements.

Increased efficiency
Our software is not only powerful but also user-friendly. We strive to create a web application with an intuitive interface capable of not only attracting but also retaining your users, helping you achieve your business goals.

We guarantee that your web application will be easily scalable, which is essential for a growing business in the modern digital world.

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Solutions to increase your sales

Ruby on Rails development

We will implement a web application for you on Ruby on Rails that is not only visually appealing but also effectively contributes to the development of your business.

Development of high-performance web applications

We will create a powerful web application on Ruby on Rails designed for optimal performance. This will ensure fast page loading, improve user interaction, and contribute to increased sales.

Price starting from 150000 ₽ 100000 ₽

Personalized user experience

Our Ruby on Rails developers will create a web application that takes into account user preferences and behavior. A personalized interface and functionality contribute to deeper user engagement and increased conversion.

Price starting from 80000 ₽

Scalability for business growth

Our web application is developed with the ability to scale easily, ensuring smooth business growth. The system's flexibility allows for quick adaptation to changing needs and user traffic volumes.

Price starting from 60000 ₽

Security and reliability

We prioritize the security of your web project. Our developers utilize advanced Ruby on Rails technologies to ensure protection against web threats and guaranteed reliability. This builds trust with users and enhances the conversion rate. Price starting from 50000 ₽

UX/UI designer Irina Marinova
Irina Marinova

UX/UI designer

Art Director UX Specialist
Takhir Muraev

Art Director

UX Specialist

Internet marketer SEO, SMM, Email сampaigns
Mikhail Svetlov

Internet marketer

SEO, SMM, Email campaigns


Our experts blend a creative approach with cutting-edge technologies to develop web applications.

Developers seamlessly integrate the functionality of the Ruby on Rails platform, ensuring an outstanding level of performance and reliability.

Implementation of Proven Methods

Our methodology in Ruby on Rails development combines aesthetics and innovation, ensuring that your online projects will not only be visually appealing but also intellectually well-thought-out.

Application of Custom Developments

We analyze user experience and create web applications that not only enhance the interface but also boost your website's conversion. With our approach to Ruby on Rails development, your projects will be not only innovative but also highly effective.

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